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This page was manufactured with a patent-pending process called Nerds-In-Tandem. I would put one of those fancy-like TM symbols here but I turned to ask Nerd 2 (TM) what the HTML code for TM was and he said, "TM." Very helpful of him, don't you think? Consequently, you may heretofore consider every subsequent word wherein a vowel occurs as a trademark (TM) of Nerds-In-Tandem.

The terms "trademark" and "patent pending" are not to be construed as having the meaning given to them in 35 U.S.C.A.

NERD 2: "The pen's slipping! My wrist is hurting!"
NERD 1: "That's no excuse!"


(We hope you enjoyed the intermission.) Incidentally, if you should ever need inspiration, I highly suggest hanging upside down for a little while.

NERD 2: "I can babble nonsense for a long time!"
NERD 1: "I know."