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The Story:

Chapter 1plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_big Chapter 1: Juanda's Cave

We’ve lived all our lives in this bloody canyon, and me can’t takes no more. Me hates the canyon. And me hates me companions.

Anyway, the five of us were huddled in Juanda’s ice cave. Someone tapped on the curtain entrance and Juanda opened it. Outside were two officers of the law. One of them was Glennard. I told the coppers to state their business or taste a lick of me blade.

Chapter 2plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_big Chapter 2: Chicken Soup

After having agreed to split all of their spoils evenly, Blacksong, Juanda, Bernherd, and Glennard decide to get together to share tales of their past. Bernherd tells the tale of his first companion, a man so much like Blacksong that they are nearly indistinguishable.

Chapter 3plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_big Chapter 3: Laying Traps

Suspecting that the Traders Guild was going to find Black Song's secret path to the surface eventually, the party decided to lay some traps. Glennard cast a spell that would notify him if anyone tried to enter the cave. Black Song dug a pit. Behnerd made a magically malodorous malady. Juanda used her magic to block off the passage with a natural-seeming wall of stone, which could be climbed over if one knew where to look.

Chapter 4plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_big Chapter 4: Time to Make a Deal

Cliffhanger... we picked up weapons and money in our heist and were mid discussion on being criminals.

Black Song wonders aloud if he should leave his crew or go off alone.

Someone has triggered Glenard's trap. We turn to notice a man and woman standing outside of the cave.

Everest Characters

The Team!

How did they meet?

Behnerd tried to get on a ship to sail the Undersea, but yet again, he wasn't selected. Shortly after, he ran into Black Song. Attracted by the man's presence and having nothing better to do, he followed him on a series of adventures.

After a while, Behnerd ran into a group of gypsy orphans, who needed a way to make money. He knew that his friend Black Song made trips to the surface to trap animals and collect their valuable furs. The orphans couldn't afford to join the Traders guild, so Behnerd suggested they follow in Black Song's footsteps and go around them. After all, everyone went to the surface, right? How illegal could it be? It turned out that it was quite illegal, and when the guild found out about it, there was trouble.

Desperate, Behnerd and Black Song went to Juanda the wizard, who put a poorly named but powerful forget-me-not spell on the guild representatives who were after Black Song. Since then, the three have worked together occasionally.

Player Characters

Group Treasure

2 old swords

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

  • Jilliand: A police officer assigned to investigate the alternate route out of the chasm in session 1.
  • The librarian: An elderly man who runs the hall of records next to the colony ship. Seen in session 1.
  • A foul dealer: This purveyor of fine birds was murdered by a Black Song doppelgänger in session 2.
  • Two friendly thugs: These two well-liked men had the job of escorting local business owners to the bank. They were murdered by the party in session 3.
  • Ronathan: This bespectacled man is the third highest ranking master in the Traders Guild, who blackmailed the party into helping him frame the League of Distributors.
  • Jancy: A high-ranking member of the League of Distributors. The party worked for her against Ronathan.
  • Dradley: A mustachioed master scribe, who has an office at the Scribehous. He was intimidated by Black Song and Behnerd into forging Ronathan's signature.
  • The Gyorphans: A group of Gypsy orphans who live in the Gyorphanage. Sandly, Ronnas, Deloren.