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The Coming of the Zioth

Welcome to a world that has nineteen years left to live. In nineteen years, on the one thousand twentieth year of the Zioth, all five moons will leave the sky for a night, and the world will be destroyed and rebuilt. But who can believe such legends in a world at its prime? Everything is normal. The strange creatures of legend are nowhere to be seen, and magic? A story to put children to sleep. The Coming of the Zioth is my own PBeM, which has been running since 1996. It includes a huge number of game turns in prose form and lots of game world information. The Coming of the Zioth D&D Campaign.

The Wrath of the Talons

Five thousand years ago, the dragon Rokuchiankamphan was trapped beneath the earth before he could destroy the world. Now he is rising again, and no one is aware of this but the mysterious Sensei and the eight monks he has trained from birth for just this purpose. I played in this game from 2003-2005. There are multiple character journals, including a pretty complete one written by me. This also includes a few custom magic items and house rules. The Wrath of the Talons.

Letters from Jack

A game I played in for a bit in 2005, which is a good example of why not to play the party traitor. Letters from Jack.

Commoner Campaign

Joe Wood is just an ordinary guy, working in an ordinary town to make a living. Yeah, he has a bit of a reputation, but don't you dare call him an adventurer! Heros_Backpack from the boards wanted to see whether you could have fun playing a commoner, and here's what came of it. Commoner Campaign.

Campaigns Hosted Elsewhere

The Kingdom of Hurva

A complete world, including a complete and very well written character journal and a few smaller journals. The Kingdom of Hurva.

Claremont Acadamy

Young superheroes in training live together in a secret high school, and save the world in their spare time. A combination of cooperative storytelling and traditional RPG, this game is organized as a bunch of concurrent threads with their own role-playing or action encounters. There's also extensive information about the game world, including history, NPCs and photographs of the school. I play Bait, a 14 year old who is allergic to everything and needs crutches and leg braces to walk, but who also happens to be invulnerable. Claremont Academy (old forums), Claremont Academy (new).

The Adventurers

This AD&D campaign is up as a set of posts rather than compiled prose, but the game has been going on since 1991, and has close to a thousand chapters! The Adventurers.

World of Sulerin

A complete world, with a ton of character descriptions, spells and more. Also has journal entries from multiple characters. World of Sulerin.

Campaign Journals Forum

The Brilliant Gameologists boards include a forum for campaign journals. There's a lot of reading material there. Brilliant Gameologists.

Other Fiction

Torture Story: This is a game-segment written up by a poster to It is an excellent and well-written example of using torture to create fear in a game.

Kismet's D&D: A campaign by Patricia Willenborg. Includes articles on D&D and lots of other interesting stuff.

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Obsidian Portal: I can't believe it took me so long to find this site. Join a hundred thousand gamers in a community which includes hosted campaigns, player and game finders, and more, for all RPG systems.

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Giants in the Playground forums, mainly D&D.

Min Max Boards, for D&D and Pathfinder.

And you can find a wide variety of PBeMs here: List

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Find Gamers is a good place to find role-players and wargamers in your area or online.