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   * Block the passage and find another way out.   * Block the passage and find another way out.
   * Go through the crypt.   * Go through the crypt.
 +====== The Alchemy Accident ======
 +Master alchemist: Master H. Parodin, half-elf
 +When the two Danesian women moved into your house, things got a little awkward for the apprentices. They still come out in the middle of the night to make transfers of food and water, but you’ve had to develop a system where they’ll scratch at the floor a little, giving you time to stop them on the off chance the women are awake. Most of the apprentices left last night to make arrangements for the next shipment and to do some recruiting, and probably won’t be back until tonight or tomorrow.
 +Ug bursts out of the closet, asking for help immediately. She’s the only one left. She’s wearing only one shoe, and has burn marks on her left hand.
 +A strange, corrosive foam is spilling out from under the bronze door. Normally, a wall of force comes up automatically when something like this happens, but it’s not working for some reason.
 +The foam slowly dissolves organic substances - it will destroy the apprentices’ room if it spreads too far. It deals 1d2-1 damage on touch, and eats through shoes and clothing.
 +Get in. Door is locked and trapped. Could pick the lock (DC 25 lock, DC 16 paralyzing trap), or go to the Alchemist’s office on the second floor to look for things that might help. The apprentices have one potion of resist elements, which might let someone run upstairs and quickly search the office (Potion of Resistance - half damage from electricity). The rest could figure out how to stop the stuff from spreading.
 +==== In Office ====
 +  * Gold-plated steel tray, so leaks won’t cause a problem. Potions in stacked, cubic glass vials, (party size +1) of each. Each potion lasts for an hour.
 +    * Green: Pass through copper (needed to get into the room - bronze door. All copper coins in pocket clatter to the floor)
 +    * Brown: Pass through tin (needed to get into the room - bronze door)
 +    * Red: Pass through iron (weapons fall)
 +    * Black: Pass through silver
 +    * Gray: Pass through stone (has skull and crossbones, because you fall through the ground - quickly through stone, and earth becomes like quicksand)
 +  * Slotted glass tray, so acids won’t burn it. Tall, thick, opaque vials, each about 2” tall, with screwed-in glass stoppers. Vials are numbered 0 though 6 (acids), and 1 through 4 (bases) with a line through the number. They deal 1d(written number) damage. If 6/5/4 and -4 are combined, deals 2d6 damage, and splash in 5’ radius for 1d4. Bases could be used to help neutralize the foam.
 +  * Ornate, closed box with six velvet depressions,​ five of which hold spherical vials. On the bottom is inscribed, “For ten years of mastery at the Academy of Involution,​” signed the archmage.
 +    * Clear, odorless: Potion of Invisibility (10 minutes)
 +    * White, with red swirling rapidly around, acrid smelling: Potion of Energy (2d4 healing, +10 speed, immune to fatigue, advantage on dexterity checks for 10 minutes)
 +    * Opaque brown-green,​ smells vile: Potion of Strength (advantage on str checks and melee damage rolls, +10 temporary HP for 1 hour)
 +    * Viscous and black, like molasses, smells sickly sweet: Potion of Sustenance (don’t have to eat or drink for a week, immediately full if eaten recently, and get very full if you try to eat more)
 +    * Transparent,​ faint pink and slightly reflective, smells of lavender: Love Potion (advantage on CHA checks for 1 hour)
 +    * Missing
 +  * “Fundamentals of Alchemy,” by Master H. Parodin. Very technical. Dense printing, with scattered arcane symbols and diagrams.
 +==== The room ====
 +  * The corrosive foam covers a large portion of the floor, and is slowly spreading in all directions. There’s an occasional splash as a mostly invisible wall grows part way up the door and then fizzles out. There are eight tables in the room, each of which holds alchemical apparatus. Two of these tables have collapsed due to damage from the foam. Some of the apparatuses contain colored fluid, perhaps from long-term experiments that had not run their course when the wizards were sent away.
 +  * Three tables, spread around the room, have heavy glass and metal barrels attached to them with hooks. The barrels are closed at the bottom with large glass stoppers. The foam is approaching 2 tables.
 +  * At one side of the room are three large wooden barrels (water) and a stack of buckets.
 +  * At various parts of the room are stacks of metal cages, and terrariums. Some house living creatures, and others creatures which have died during the mages’ absence. Several of these have fallen and broken open due to the foam, including a few glass cages. The creatures that used to occupy these cages are mostly dead, some partially dissolved, but you notice a pair of large, green-feathered birds watching you, and (X) creatures that look like beetles, but are far larger, nearly a foot across, with large, painful-looking pincers at their heads. Dozens of snails are crawling slowly up the walls to get away from the foam, and a cluster of earthworms is slowly spreading out of a cage half-immersed in the foam.
 +  * There’s a kiln in the corner, with a stack of firewood (closer up - also has fire starters and alchemical accelerant - lighter fluid).
 +  * Once inside, they have to accomplish multiple things at once:
 +    * Fix the wall of force before too much spills out into the hallway. Some ideas (or ask the player to come up with an idea).
 +    * Clear the chemical which is blocking it.
 +    * Neutralize it with some of the base.
 +    * Override the mechanism and hope it works.
 +    * Perception: It’s mostly flowing in one direction, towards run-off channels on the left wall.
 +    * Stop the reaction before it reaches various other chemicals, but blocking one will cause it to flow towards the other.
 +      * Explosions
 +      * Poisonous gas
 +      * Levels of fatigue
 +    * Creatures harvested for their reagents have escaped - the chemicals have melted their cages.
 +      * Ooze
 +        * 3/20 HP (resistance)
 +        * Numbs the skin and attaches, draining HP. 1hp, then 2, then 4 etc.
 +        * Splits almost infinitely. Burning or walling off helps.
 +        * If concentrated,​ they’ll merge.
 +      * Birds (2?)
 +        * 10 HP each, +2/+2 attack, 1d2 damage
 +        * Two sets of talons leave a slimy green substance behind, which drains 1HP per round until washed (just water is fine).
 +      * Giant beetles
 +        * 4HP, +0 attack, 1d6+2 pincers
 +        * If crushed, release a horrible smell
 +      * A few harmless animals like snails and worms
 +      * Most cages have dead animals inside.