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Glimmerslim G. Glammorslon the Gnome (Glim)

Never make fun of a gnome’s name. They may sound ridiculous to Humans, but they always have a rich history behind them. Extended Gnome families spend weeks together, debating every syllable and intonation, every pitch and the duration of every letter, usually before the child is even conceived, because it would be disgraceful to be born without a fully explained name. And never ask a gnome to explain a name. It’s rude.

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At 3'1“, Glim is slightly shorter than the average Gnome. He has a white beard which comes to ten distinct points at angles circling his face, and his mustache is long and ends in two tight curls on each side. His hair, if he has any, is hidden under a dome-shaped green cap that sticks out around and above his head, probably stuffed with something. He wears comfortable, but well-worn pants, shirt and unbuttoned jacket, with a wide variety of faded colors, and his gray shoes, in typical Gnome style, come to curled points.


Glim grew up in the Orchid Plazas, on the first of the steppes, making the G. Orslon family decidedly upper class, even if they were the lowest of the upper class. Seven generations of his family lived in one large house — not the whole extended family, of course, but there was at least one representative of each generation, thirteen gnomes in all, which, of course, is a lucky number if you’re a gnome, thus making it the ideal number to live in a single house.

Glim’s family was in government, for the most part. Yes, gnomes are famous for being tinkerers, and they have an affinity for magic, and they speak with forest creatures and are one with nature and all that, but those are the other gnomes. The G. Orslon family didn’t get involved in all of that stuff. They did respectable work as clerks, secretaries and politicians. They were diligent to an extreme, taking pride in each form filled out and each form shredded, each license issued and each license revoked, each speech written and each speech filed away, never to be read again. Glim was no different. At the young age of thirty five, he was hired as an assistant record-keeper for the Academy of Involution. In ten short years he made his way up in the ranks, until he was Second Clerk to one of only four Associate Master Illusionists, who were second in importance and prestige only to the Assistant Master Illusionists, who were just below the Master Illusionists, who in turn served under the Grandmaster Illusionist, who was one of only eight or so people in line to become Archmage. Glim was good at his job, and he was compensated adequately, so he was not worried when he had to leave his family home (this having been a necessity when his older sister had a child, bringing the number of residents of his family home up to fourteen, an extremely unlucky number if you’re a gnome. The method by which they determined which gnome had to leave is a gnome secret, and will remain so).

Glim was not alone for long. He was soon brought into the O. O. Ormor family by a lovely woman only fifteen years his elder (a rather neutral number if you’re a gnome), who lived with her mother, her mother’s parents, her mother’s father’s sister and one of that sister’s sons. Add in the two little gnomelets Glim and Mithil had together over the next couple years, and that brought the number up to nine, well on the way to lucky number thirteen.

Glim’s life was comfortable, orderly and predictable. He even picked up magic as a hobby, learning a few spells from the illusionists he worked for. And that was all good until the Academy was shut down and mages were strongly encouraged to join the war effort, somewhere far from the island. Whatever arguments were used to convince them must have very convincing, because every mage of any power or importance, from the Associate Masters to the Archmage, disappeared almost overnight. The apprentices who were left were forbidden from performing any magic at all. That, of course, would have been manageable, except that Glim now had no one to work for. Available jobs in the other schools were quickly snatched up, leaving Glim unemployed.

Even this would have been tolerable, except that Glim had lived, if not above his means, well… almost precisely at his means. His savings consisted of that month's taxes on the property and enough to feed his family until his next paycheck. When the lovely Mithil learned of this (having assumed that, as a clerk, it was safe to put the family’s finances in Glim’s capable hands), she was not pleased. Without Glim’s salary, they would no longer be able to afford their home. When it became clear after a week that Glim was not going to find a new job soon enough, they were forced to say goodbye to the O. O. Ormors, and reduce their number to four. Their new home was just below the first steppe, but still in the Orchid Plazas. But as the weeks passed, they were forced to move to the center of the lowlands, then closer and closer to the Harbor district. Glim moved the family to the most expensive home he thought they could afford a total of five times in as many weeks before the lovely Mithilmil O. O. Mythmormor the Gnome decided she could no longer leave the family’s finances in Glim’s capable hands. So she did what any lovely gnome would under the circumstances. She cut back the family’s expenses significantly, and bought a home just a few dozen yards from the Harbor that she could afford on her own income. The house, being large enough for three (which is quite small, as gnomes are quite small), was not big enough for Glim, so, surely only because of that, she left the family with the two gnomelets. Glim’s capable hands would have to find their own way until such time as he put his life back together, or at least found a new life that was a little less pitiful.

Glim had lost his job, his home and his family in a few short weeks. There was no demand for a clerk, scribe, paper pusher or anything else Glim was qualified for. But there was one thing everyone, or at least a few people, knew about the G. Orslons: they never gave up, or at least rarely gave up. And while Glim certainly had given up, he was ready to stop giving up and start giving on. So he did what any good gnome would do. He got his old job back. He climbed through a window of the Academy, sat down at his desk, and resumed working like nothing had happened, which he continues to do to this day.


Glim is dedicated and stubborn. He does not like change, but will slowly adapt to new circumstances when necessary. He takes pride in his work, whatever that may be.


Glim's Family Home

Helgertro G. Helgorslon the Gnome (age 383, wrinkleskin)

Winifrinin G. Winorslon the Gnome (age 329, wrinkleskin)

Mithtria G. Marthorslon the Gnome (age 266, wrinkleskin)

So G. Sorslon the Gnome (age 206, wrinkleskin)

Fliflian G. Falforslon the Gnome (age 164, female)
Miflel (age 86, female, Halfling)
Vrinilslim V. Vandervanvun the Gnome (age 177, male)

Jitterskin G. Jantorslon the Gnome (age 113, female, mother of Glim)

Flinderflux 4. Ransterdrux the Gnome (age 57, male)
Niftelnuf N. Northwerdorth the Gnome (age 70, male)
Sim S. Simslam the Gnome (age 86, male)
Trintersom G. Trinterslon the Gnome (age 47, female, sister of Glim)

Silksilsin G. Slinksliaslorslon the Gnome (age 6, gnomelet, child of Trin, and Sim or Flin)

Glim's recent former home

Din O. O. Dormor the Gnome (age 182, wrinkleskin)
Don U. Undercrililil the Gnome (age 185, wrinkleskin)
E O. O. Eormor the Gnome (age 165, wrinkleskin, sister of Din)

Sintilsli O. O. Sinstormor the Gnome (age 125, female)
Ninniwilli O. O. Siclormor (age 100, male, son of E)

Glimmerslim G. Glammorslon the Gnome (age 51, male)
Mithilmil O. O. Mythmormor the Gnome (age 67, female)

Tiltriltro O. O. Trithormor the Gnome (age 4, gnomelet)
Yitrit O. O. Yirdormor the Gnome (age 2, gnomelet)

Glim's biological(ish) family tree

Glim has two children (see “Glim’s former home”), who go by Tilt and Trit. His biological mother is Jitterskin G. Jantorslon the Gnome (age 113, female). At the time he was conceived, his mother was in a romantic relationship with Miskertrif T. Maskertrof the Gnome (age 100, female), H. O. I. E. Si the Gnome (age 126, female), and Trintrofluf T. Trintrofluf the Gnome (age 101, male), so he has four parents. Glim has a sister (see “Glim’s Family Home”) and a currently genderless sibling named Gigglegrog G. Gagorslon the Gnome (age 52), who was male up to age 51 and will be male again starting at age 53.

While, by Gnome standards, Glim has no family at all right now, he retains ties to various former family members.

Rules stuff

  • Class: Warlock / Illusionist Wizard
  • Race: Scribing Gnome
  • HP: 15
  • Size: Small. Speed: 25
  • Height: 3'1”, Weight: 32 lb
  • Background: Paper Pusher
  • Attributes:
    • STR: 6
    • DEX: 14
    • CON: 14
    • INT: 17 (saves: advantage vs magic)
    • WIS: 8 (saves: proficient, advantage vs magic)
    • CHA: 13 (saves: proficient, advantage vs magic)
  • Proficiencies
    • Skills
      • Arcana
      • History
      • Perception (from Paper-Pusher)
      • Investigation (from Paper-Pusher)
    • Tools
      • Calligrapher's Supplies (with an extra +d4)
      • Forgery Kit (with an extra +d4)
    • Languages: Common, Gnomish, Elf, Dwarf
    • Weapons: simple
    • Armor: light
    • Racial Abilities
      • Message cantrip
      • Comprehend Languages 1/day
      • Darkvision 60'
      • Advantage on int, wis, cha saves against magic
    • Other abilities
      • Telepathically communicate with any creature within 30' who knows any language.
  • Spells
    • 0: Minor Illusion, Message, Eldritch Blast (120', 1d10), Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Dancing Lights
    • wizard: Recover 1 spell level after short rest 1/day.
      • Prepared: Shield, Sleep, Witch Bolt, Disguise Self
      • 1: Witch Bolt (attack roll 1d12 for multiple rounds)
      • 1: Shield, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Find Familiar, Sleep
    • warlock: 1 slot
      • 1: Hex
      • 1: Expeditious Retreat (dash as bonus action for 10m, bonus to cast with free dash)


  • 5sp
  • Backpack
  • Comfortable, but well-worn clothing, with a wide variety of faded colors.
  • Arcane focus - Crystal vial of high-grade cotton
  • Spellbook
  • Leather armor (11+dex)
  • Light crossbow with 20 bolts
  • Dagger
  • 1oz ink, pen
  • 50 sheets paper (2sp each) – 10 watermarked by the Academy of Involution
  • Forgery kit
  • Calligrapher's supplies
  • Money pouch
  • Trinket: An invitation to a party where a murder happened.

Background feature

You rapidly become familiar with local rules and regulations, and you know how to get in touch with low-level officials of all kinds. In addition, you can navigate bureaucracy efficiently, allowing you to get things done twice as quickly when there’s red tape involved.