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Landing is the central region of Shadow, where rockets used to take supplies up to Apex.


  • Very dark and dirty.
  • Buildings are in poor repair.
  • Food is mostly based on mushrooms and other fungus, some kind of slime, insects, and meat. None of it looks very appetizing.

People and Places

The Emerald Sky

Named after a classy venue in Apex which was very popular a couple decades ago, this bar is where a lot of the exiles hang out. They work enough to survive, but refuse to leave the area, on the belief that they'll get a ride back up to Apex any day now. The brick building has a roll-own shutter door. The entranceway is decorated with knick-knacks, pictures, sports paraphernalia and other random stuff from the past. The entranceway ends abruptly, as there's not enough to decorate the whole bar. The rest of the bar has chairs made to look like plush cushions which, in the dark, look comfortable, but the fabric is worn, and the stuffing is lumpy and knotted. Some patrons avoid the cushions so as not to break the illusion of wealth. A couple of dim sources of light are surrounded with colored glass or plastic.

Drinks are served in glasses made from a hard plastic material popular in Apex. The glasses are now chipped and smokey.


A man in his 50s with out of fashion clothes.


A 19-20 year old woman with a clean face. Like many other patrons, she stays close to the Drop, waiting to be forgiven for what she says was a very minor crime. She's the one who found most of the hard plastic glasses, which are now chipped and smoky.

The Landing Temple

A local Temple of the Sky Gods. The Speaker, Philophane, has a fair amount of influence over Landing. Rumor has it you'll never get in the door without a 20 metal donation.

The Merchants

A loosely-organized group of merchants, held together by mutual interest and a strict set of rules. Some of them (the lowest of the low, according to Doro) are ready to deal with Apex exiles whenever the Drop comes down.

Marci S.

The head of the merchant organization in Landing. She keeps the most valuable items and biggest trades for herself. She's known for hiring entertainers.

The Couriers

Need work? Lots of people need messages delivered by trustworthy people. You'll probably need a reference, unless the stakes are very low or the location very dangerous.

The Collectors

Sometimes things fall out of the sky! Collecting things from Apex and elsewhere is one of the easiest to get, and lowest paying, jobs around.


Everyone with money wants protection.

The Hunters

There are dangerous creatures (or people?) around. This group keeps them at bay.

Other People

Arl Moux

A wealthy person in Landing. It's not clear where he gets his money, but he hires a lot of bodyguards. They say that to contact him, you draw a twelve-pointed star on the side of a building.

Wanda Castle

A wealthy(ish) person from Apex. She's done well for herself somehow. She's not particularly charitable towards others from Apex, but she'll pay a premium for those self-heating meals. Wanda lives in a row of row houses which have been combined together. She pays three guards to watch the outside, and has a few servants who live with her, including a seventeen-year-old, very timid girl who has been trained to carry herself like someone from Apex. Wanda is in her fifties, and while her clothes are from Apex, they're also very practical, and she bares her arms to show off some scars.

Wanda offed to pay the party if they join the Collectors and bring her a 4“ silvery square with at least three of its six vertical grooves in tact (Bang identified this as something used in augments used to enhance perception, and in long-range receivers). She'll also pay a small amount for loose wire.


A self-employed guide. He'll give you information, connect you to the right people, and really do pretty much anything you want, but his personality and lack of any real skill keeps him very poor. He'll work for room and board, plus three metal a day, plus extra for special services or anything dangerous.