The Wrath of the Talons

The Wrath of the Talons

This is a D&D campaign I was involved in for two years, from fall of 2003 to spring of 2005. It was a complete campaign, starting at level 1 and going up to level 17, where everything was wrapped up nicely with an epic battle.

This was a well-run and well-played campaign, with a great cast of characters and a skilled DM.

I played Dancing Albatross, a wizard/monk, and one of several people trained from birth in a monastery on a demiplane to fight a dragon who wanted to conquer or destroy the world. He started out knowing nothing about the World of Man, as he was taught to call it, and, due to personal arrogance and single-minded, obsessive devotion to his quest, ended the game knowing little more than when he started.

Albatross was a lot of fun to play, but I may have gone a little too far with his disrespect and distrust towards some of the other characters. In case any players from that game read this, I'm truly sorry if I made the game less fun for you. I hope that most of you saw it as simple role-playing, and it didn't hurt your enjoyment of the game.

This site includes descriptions of the characters, and multiple character journals, including a very complete one made by my own character. Some of the links to external sites are broken. Dustin – if you read this, any chance you could send me Bokuden's, Sakai's and Storn's journals so I can put them up here for people to read?

Game Turns and Journals

Timeline: A timeline of the game, including organized links to journal entries in chronological order. This helps clear up some confusion with multiple journals.

Dancing Albatross: The most complete journal. Albatross had a problem with names though, so it can be slightly confusing occasionally. Use the Cast of Characters page to clear things up.

Caged Wolf's Journal until he died.

Bokuden, Sakai and Storn's Journals: Broken link, unfortunately. This is the game from a different perspective than Albatross's.

Essethra's Brief Journal.

PBeM: The game was played over email for the summer of 2004. Here are the game turns. This also includes a couple other bits played over email.


The Talons' Monastery: The Talons were brought up in a monastery on a demiplane. Most player characters were Talons.

Kakita Bokuden: A samurai who has left the party to help fight the war against the Red Warrior.

Asahina Sakai: Bokuden's servant, who remained with the party for a while after Bokuden left to ensure the liberation of some slaves.

Storn Faultmender: A page maintained by the armored mage Storn's player. It includes a journal, and other useful information not included on this site.

Toben Ennendar: Our charismatic Cleric of Lathander.

Hallendar: The halfling who formerly served as the party's thief. He was killed by an ogre.

Essethra: An angel who joined the party to help with their quest. Includes a brief journal.

Cast of Characters: This is a somewhat complete list of player and non-player characters, listed with the non-names used in Albatross's journal.



Leland-To: The town where the campaign begins

Narlekh: A town dominated by sea trade and the Daggers of Ohala.

Cormyr: The capital city of Suzail, home of Toben.

Ashabenford: The location of a dragon cultist portal to Mythdrannor.

Mythdrannor: A magical place ruled by drow, demons and other baddies.

Custom items

The Staff of Leland (aka Elfsmiter): The mayor's staff in Leland-To.

The Ebon Star: Toben's mace, which has been in his family for generations but was made evil by a vampire.

Ring of Turn Resistance: Orbakh's ring.

The Soul Engine (Minor Artifact): The Red Warrior's soul-consuming artifact.

The Amulets of Tyranny: The Lords of Suderham wore these amulets.

The Arcanist's Mark of Storageplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_big The Arcanist's Mark of Storage

dnd3 dnd5 item misc
: The end-result of Albatross's paranoia left a portal to an extradimensional space in his thigh.

Miscellaneous junk

DM Critique: Comments on Chris' DMing style from Spring 2004.