Roleplaying Resources


Running a Game

Four rules for conduct at the gaming table

Safety and Consent in Roleplaying Games

A Guide for the Lazy DM

Creating Good Encounters

Funny Campaigns

Guide to Solo Campaigns

Horror, Fear and Torture

Creating a Low-Magic Campaign

Low Magic Casters: Balancing spellcasters for a low-magic campaign.

Low Combat Campaigns

Non-Experience Awards

Running a PBeM (Play-By-Email) Game

The Secret Railroad: Tips on directing the campaign where you want it to go while maintaining the illusion of player agency.

Edgy games require trust: An article about how to run an “edgy” or “dark” campaign.


Running a Better Medieval Campaign

Life in medieval times


Adventuring in Cold Weather

British and Sweedish Measurement Units


What did houses look like in the middle ages?

What did people do in a medieval city?

Medieval Demographics: Medieval Demographics Made Easy, an article by S. John Ross.

A Boke of Gode Cookery: James Matterer's collection of medieval recipes which he has translated and adapted for the modern cook.

Blue Moon Aurora: This site has some well-constructed adventures, advice on duet roleplaying, and some roleplaying tips.

The Medieval Technology Pages.

Ancient and Medieval Law.



The Campaign Builders' Guild Useful forums for campaign building, with a play-by-post section.

The FidoNet AD&D Compendium Version 2.1: A collection of classes, monsters, spells, magic items and whatnot else for 2nd edition, created by the FidoNet community.

Encyclopedia Mythica, a thorough reference on real-world myths and legends. This is very useful for giving your campaign world a unique feel. Don't like the standard D&D goblins or kobolds? Look them up in the encyclopedia and see what you find. Wikipedia is also a good reference for this.