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    By the DM, 2019-09-18

    Roleplaying games can be intense, and they can visit topics outside of your comfort zone. This is often a good thing. Many of us want to use roleplaying as a way to address difficult issues or act out situations that would make us uncomfortable in real life. The purpose of this article is not to discourage the creative self-expression that comes from roleplaying. It's to help GMs and players gage when they've gone too far.
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    Running a Game

    Safety and Consent in Roleplaying Games

    A Guide for the Lazy DM

    Creating Good Encounters

    Funny Campaigns

    Guide to Solo Campaigns

    Horror, Fear and Torture

    Creating a Low-Magic Campaign

    Low Magic Casters: Balancing spellcasters for a low-magic campaign.

    Low Combat Campaigns

    Non-Experience Awards

    Running a PBeM (Play-By-Email) Game

    The Secret Railroad: Tips on directing the campaign where you want it to go while maintaining the illusion of player agency.

    Edgy …
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