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Building an Armory

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Cost of a workshop to make only metal armor:

  • 200gp for equipment.
  • 100gp for pavillion tent or 300gp for a well crafted hut.

Cost of a workshop to make only leather armor:

  • 25gp for equipment.
  • 25gp for tent or 75 for hut.

Cost of a workshop for metal and leather:

  • 250gp for equipment.
  • 100gp for tent, or 300 for hut.

Add costs of workers. Add 50% to cost for each additional 3 men over 3.

Also, chances that armor is too poor to sell, or commissioned person dies before it's ready, or piece made by apprentices won't sell.

  • Add 100-300gp for a smithy.
  • Add 100-500gp for a weaponsmith.
  • Add 200-20,000gp for an armory.

Someone else added: 20'x10' is small for a shop. End cost is about 500-1500gp depending on terrain. 64 man-hours to rebuild if destroyed.

Remember that items are not kept on display, lest they be stolen, or taxes must be paid. Only an idiot would by weapons or armor not balanced and sized for them, except daggers and clubs.