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Barque of the Dead

School Necromancy
Author IceFractal on
Level ?
Components V,S,M
Casting Time 1 minute
Effect Magical vessel
Duration 1 hour/level (D)

This spell can only be cast at night, next to a large body of water. During the casting, a vessel appears in the distance, moving closer until it eventually reaches the caster as the spell is completed. The vessel is a black barque, with 6 skeletal oarsmen, and torches that burn with a green sulfurous glow. The barque has room for 7 people, and travels supernaturally quickly, up to 12 miles per hour. It is not effected by weather conditions, and can even sail across whirlpools unharmed. The rowers are typical skeletons, they will defend themselves and even fight back if attacked (using their oars as quarterstaves), but will never leave their seats - if forcibly removed they will dissolve. The barque will instantly dissolve if exposed to daylight, and may dissolve when exposed to the Daylight spell; make an opposed caster level check, the barque dissolves if you lose.

Material Component: A sealed jar of funeral wine.