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From Raymond Q Starrborough (, 26 Aug 1999 on

Detect Life (2E)

Detect Life (Necromancy, Divination 1)
Range 0
Area 60 degree cone, 120' long
Duration 1 turn/level
Components VS
Casting time 1
Save None

This spell allows the caster to detect the presence of living things within the area of effect. Concentrating for one round will tell the caster the number and approximate direction of living beings. A second round of concentration gives a 10%/level chance of estimating the amount of life energy a given creature has (i.e. its HD or levels); this information is fairly rough in nature (dim, faint, moderate, strong, overwhelming, in comparison to a companion or previous experiences), and the result may be modified by sickness or injury in the creature detected.

Notes from me

Someone pointed out that Detect Life is an old spell from the Ninja's Handbook. It looks like it's been modified.

Detect Life could be a granted power for necromancers. I can imagine a powerful necromancer always knowing when someone enters the room, always knowing when he's being followed, etc.