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Faerie Cord

School Enchantment [Mind-Affecting]
Author IceFractal on
Level ?
Components V,S,M
Casting Time Standard action
Range Close
Target 1 creature
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw Will special (see text)
SR Yes

You toss an extremely thin cord, only the thickness of a single hair, in a loop around the target creature, requiring a ranged touch attack. Once the cord hits, it tightens, causing the creature to be entangled. Although the cord is hair thin, the spell makes the target believe that it is unbreakable. On the target's turn, they can make a Will save to snap out of it and break the cord. Another creature can also break the cord as a standard action, but they must make a Will save or be unable to find it. As long as the cord remains, the target is entangled, and cannot move farther from the caster than the current length of the cord. The caster must hold one end of the cord, but this only requires a single hand. The caster can, as a move action, make a Charisma check opposed by the target's Strength check to pull the target closer, up to 5' + 5' for every 5 points they win by. They can also let out the cord as a free action, up to a maximum length of 25' + 5'/two caster levels (Close range). Targets holding or wearing anything made of cold iron get a +4 on saves against this spell, and it cannot be used at all on someone with cold-iron armor covering their whole body, as the cord has nowhere to fix onto.