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From Raymond Q Starrborough (, 26 Aug 1999 on

Quell the Spirit (2E)

Quell the Spirit (Necromancy 1)
Range 30 yd
Area of effect One living creature
Duration 1 round + 1 round/3 levels
Components VS
Casting time 1
Save Special

The target of this spell has its life energy temporarily quashed, causing it to drop to the ground lifelessly. Only paladins, elves, beings with a WIS of 15 or more, or creatures of 6 or more HD or levels receive a saving throw against this initial effect. At the beginning of any subsequent round of remaining duration, the affected creature receives a save to attempt to throw off the effects of this spell.


From Matt Devney, 27 Aug 1999

Quell the Spirit should be level 2