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    This religion has been dead for three hundred years, since the Plague of Morenth, that bloody period when the followers of Morenth completely wiped out the Polinakas.

    Polinaka's theology is much the opposite of Morenth's. Polinakas believe that there are gods in everything, and that only the actions of Man can bring order to the universe. They believe, for example, that the sun rises each morning only because Polinakas pray for it to rise each night. Spring comes only when Polinakas p…
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    This mercantile religion is centered in Duerstadt, capitol of Rang, but Jarramites can be found in many major cities, where they focus their efforts on money-lending and trade. This is not just where opportunity has landed them; Jarram is known as the Merchant God
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    The Pantheon is the dominant religion in the city-states of the Shirahjat Coalition, but little is known about this religion in Rang.

    The Pantheon

    Ay'wah, the sun god 28.

    Bal'jan, a god having something to do with luck28.
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    Morenth's theology revolves around the simple idea that the entire universe belongs to him, and humanity is barely worthy to bask in his radiant presence. Those who refuse to acknowledge this simple, self-evident fact heretics, and deserve punishment or death. There is no repentance for heretics
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    Based on original ideas from Karl Schinke (Ardith). Symbols for aspects other than the Mother, along with the artwork, were contributed by Myron Wyles (Halaren).

    Andrithanism and its variants are the dominant religion in Rang and the surrounding kingdoms. Within the boundaries of
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