The Story So Far

The Coming of the Zioth has been going on since May of 1996, and it's been a ton of fun. To create a turn, we send emails back and forth for a while, and then, at a good stopping point, I (the DM) combine the emails, edit them, and publish them here as a prose narrative. A typical game turn is around 13 printed pages, so we have well over two thousand pages of material here! The early turns weren't very well written, so over the course of a bunch of years starting in 2000, I rewrote them into the “chapters” of book one. Unlike in the turns, I rewrote and invented dialogue and new plot points. You can find the originals at the bottom of this page.

I hope you enjoy reading these! If you want to be notified about major web site updates, and when new turns show up, you can subscribe to the lurkers list. If you really like what you see, and you like writing, consider joining the game. And I'm always happy to hear comments and critique.

Turn Summaries (turns 1-59)

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7

Book 8

Book 9

Book 10

Side Adventure


These turns were rewritten into chapters