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Moose Facts

  • Did you know that “Moose Watching” is illegal in twelve cities and towns throughout the USA, because of fatal injuries caused by it?
  • Did you know that Bullwinkle Moose was the real name of a Pennsylvania farmer? The show was inspired by Mr. Moose, who was a friend of the producer's sister. Rocky Squirrel, however, was a completely original name.
  • Did you know that moose antlers are valued as much in the Phillipines as elephant tusks are valued in the USA?
  • Did you know that “Johan,” one of the oldest examples of homo erectus remains found, was originally found in a cave with the remains of several moose?
  • Did you know that the average life span of a moose is more than double that of a horse?
  • Did you know that the “pill bug” was originally named the “moose beetle?” The man who discovered the flat insect changed the name before his findings were published.
  • Did you know that there have been six preposed television shows and cartoons since “the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” staring one or more moose, but not a single one has aired?
  • Did you know that there have been more than 1,300,000 car accidents, 200,000 motorcycle accidents, 50,000 bicycle accidents and one plane crash caused by moose since 1975?
  • Did you know that there are over seventy-five known uses for moose parts, and that's just below the knee?
  • Did you know that spherical pendants made from moose bone and covered in moose fur are worn in French Guiana for good luck?
  • Did you know that the moose population exceeds the elk population in Canada by five to one?
  • Did you know that there are forty-three distinct varieties of moose, but only one that is well-known?
  • Did you know that moose shoulder is too tough to be eaten, because of the immense amount of exercise that muscle gets? Repeated attempts by Canadian native Americans to soften the meat all failed.
  • Did you know that a full-grown moose can carry twice its weight in equipment, but is not used as a pack-animal because it does not follow its master?
  • Did you know that not a single moose fact on this page is true?

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Looking at this Moose page, you may ask, “what is this infatuation you have with moose?”

I'm not quite sure I can explain it myself. Maybe it's their huge size (male moose grow to 7'6“ at the shoulder and 1000lb). Perhaps it's their agile movements (moose can move very quietly through underbrush, despite their size and mass). Maybe it's those fancy gadgets they carry on top of their heads (moose antlers can measure as much as 6ft from tip to tip, and weigh up to 90lb as a pair). May…