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Non-Player Characters

The Lords of Sand and Scimitars

The Amir is known as Mahmud Aziz IV, or just “Four” from the citizenry. He is well-loved and respected, though mostly semi-retired. He has acquiesced all of the day to day business of running the city-state to his seven sons.

Ahmed Cheaptree

Caravan leader (human); jovial and opportunistic, but he is no fool


A humble servant girl (human)

Marcus and Lavinia Kempson

(gnomes) seller of pots and pans

Surun Age

(gnome) apothecarist


(half orc) curly, blond hair and of muscular build, a friendly citizen

Flavius Maximus

(human) an undefeated gladiator, proud of his fighting skills, yet can be recruited by the highest bidder

Abraham Ovidius

(human) wealthy landowner, arrogant and aloof


(elf) local florist delivery girl

The Broken Scimitari

local tavern on the west side on The Javelin


(human) proprietor


(elf) stable boy and busser at The Broken Scimitar


(half orc) laborer/stone cutter; hangs out at The Broken Scimitar often


(half elf) courier; she is probably 100 years old and is a nosy old hag


(human) old man, roofer, likes to expound on his philosophies on life


(human) local thug, collector of “dues”

Saul Rosewood

(human) armory owner, specializes in making waterskin

Samuel Rosewood

(human) Saul’s brother and a civil engineer for the underground waterways.