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Player Characters

Calyx Husk

Played by Kyle

Age: unclear, but definately less than 100
Race: Elf
Class: Ranger/Rogue

Calyx has pale skin, long flaxen hair, and delicate, androgynous features. Strangers are never sure whether to address him as male or female; he sees the distinction as another trivial human fixation. He dresses in fine imported linens and has the affected speech of an aristocrat.

He is the proprietor of a tea house called Fata Morgana. Anyone that has spent time on the streets of Yllaruam knows that the tea is just a front. The right words and a little silver will grant access through a secret door into the dank basement sipopa den. Sipopa is a hard-to-come-by addictive narcotic that only grows at high elevation in the tropical regions of the continent. Calyx oversees the “root running” expeditions to smuggle it across the desert and into the city. Sipopa is prohibited within the city, but the poorly kept secret of Fata Morgana's den has led many to suspect Calyx has been granted some kind of immunity. There are rumors that Calyx is the illegitamate son of the wealthy high-elf merchant family, The Sunspears of Glantri city. His father, as he'll reveal without much prodding, funds his lavish lifstyle provided the kick-backs from sipopa imports keep flowing. His father's money and influence must also be the reason Fata Morgana is allowed to continue to operate.

Taliafe the Peddler

Played by Eli

Age: 33
Race: Half-elf (really more like quarter-elf)
Class: Warlock (maybe multiclassing to Druid)

Taliafe is well-traveled and always full of stories. He often buys and sells in Yllaruam, as well as the surrounding villages, oases, nomadic encampments etc. He deals in mundane items like food, water and tools, as well as exotic items like those on the Trinket Table. Any of your characters have a good chance of having met him, and he's pretty memorable, telling stories, playing games of chance, reading fortunes, doing slight-of-hand magic tricks, really whatever might make a buck.

Taliafe is five foot four, and slightly overweight with a developing potbelly. He squints when he smiles, which he does often while selling, but rarely otherwise. Slightly pinched ears, unusually bright eyes, and a bluish tint to his very dark hair speak of a little elven blood. His hands and face are rough from exposure to sun and sand, giving him a rugged appearance of the type that some people find attractive.

When traveling, he wears heavily patched white robes. When selling, he prefers bright (if faded) colors and a wide-brimmed hat that has seen better days.

Ffraid Dai Tŷ Islwyn

Played by Ari Age: Adult
Class: Bourgeoisie

Ffraid (pronounced FRAYD) is a drow jewelry merchant in Yllaruam.

As a child she lived and trained at the esteemed Anyddwn Corryn monastery. Like many Anyddwn initiates – and unsurprising considering how close Tŷ Islwyn and Tŷ Boswir are – Ffraid went to work for Tŷ Boswir after Seconds.

Ffraid makes most of her money from reselling drow jewelry. She’s also starting to build up a reputation as a jewelry pawn with the locals. She’s really saving up for a set of jewelry tools so that she can make her own craftwork for better margins. She has a long life ahead of her though, and she has plans to make the most of it.

Sua Gelej

Played by Lindsey

Race: human
Age: 27 (approximate, adjusted calendar)
Class: Barbarian

An honored enforcer of the G'cham tribe, Sua (“Swah”) has been sent from her home among the northern dunes. Her tribe maintains a firm hold of a swath of desert through surprisingly effective agriculture, herding, and – most importantly – their fortification of the Singing Oasis. Located along a remote trade route to the north, the oasis is one of the few true shelters from the region's brutal sandstorms. There she helps defend her tribe's position in the area, aid the elders' collection of coin and goods, and guide and enforce the behavior of visitors.

Hardy, tall, and strong, Sua is the picture of a tested warrior. It is clear, however, that she is not from Yllaruam: the color appears to have been leached from her hair and rust-red markings are inked beneath her eyes. Her clothing reflects neither the modest nor alluring fashions worn by the city's women. Despite this, she appears to have embraced her short time in the city and is frequently found striking up conversations with both locals and visitors.