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Non-Experience Awards

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Rewards to give characters besides experience and gold: These are good because they can add to the interest of the game, and can all cause as much harm as good.

  • Maps to lost treasures or civilizations.
  • Consultations with oracles.
  • Information about a rival.
  • Location of a secret passage into/out of a castle.
  • True (or false) knowledge of the workings of the universe.
  • The bards start singing your praises.
  • You're in the chronicles.
    • Someone might want to take you down to make himself a reputation.
    • Privacy is reduced.
    • Everyone wants your help.
  • Prove devotion to a girl through ungood tasks, etc.
  • Carry her token into battle.
  • Get her parents' permission and blessing (need money).
  • Marriage, children (must be supported).
  • Teach children.
  • Kids leave home – endless possibilities.
Power (Physical/Mystical/Political)
  • Lands.
  • Tax-collecting.
  • Immunity from tolls.
  • Hunting rights.
  • Timber rights.
  • Monopolies.
    • New responsibility.
    • Deal with bureaucracy.
    • Deal with people who want your power.
    • Rights may have been taken from someone else to reward the char.
    • People might try to discredit you to get the rights for themselves.

Non-Magical Treasure


paintings, sculpture, music boxes, clocks, ancient tomb transcribed with a famous but lost speech, books (poetry, philosophy, science, lore), combs, buckles, buttons (now known as cuff-links), clips, broaches, bangles, beads, jewelry, gold chains (sometimes hundreds of yards transported to a jeweler), fur cloaks, fine leather and wood saddles with silver or gold inlay and carvings, barding

Music boxes

Cylinder: pinned cylinder plucks the tune from a comb of tuned steel teeth.

Disc: tags of metal from perforated disk used to pluck a tune from a comb of steel teeth using asterisk-shaped “star wheels.” It's easier to change a disk than a cylinder, so these replaced cylinders quickly. Made in elaborate cases with lots of inlay and intaglio, fancy carvings, etc.