Roleplaying Resources

General Resources

D&D Stuff

The FidoNet AD&D Compendium Version 2.1: A collection of classes, monsters, spells, magic items and whatnot else for 2nd edition AD&D, created by the FidoNet community.

A whole bunch of random AD&D stuff, including worlds, character sketches and humor.

The Dungeon at A collection of interesting spells, feats, races and other D&D stuff.

Net books and guides from Olik's AD&D Pages.

IMarvinTPA's D&D Database: Indexed and searchable lists of spells, magic items and more.

Message Boards

Giants in the Playground: D&D boards run by the creator of Order of the Stick.

Min Max Boards: Gaming boards focused on D&D 3.5. Older posts can be found on Brilliant Gameologists.

Gaming Sites

Macray's Keep: A complete gaming environment. Very well-designed site, with message groups, private mail and chat.

WebRPG: A huge online resource for gamers.

The RPG Gateway: An huge and incredibly useful collection of role-playing links.

Errant Dreams: A site much like this one, with useful tips on character and world-building.

Roleplaying Tips: A free online weekly magazine about roleplaying.

Sly Flourish: A useful collection of articles on building a better DM.

Homebrewery: Create RPG material in a format that looks like books from WotC

Find Roleplaying Games

Obsidian Portal: I can't believe it took me so long to find this site. Join a hundred thousand gamers in a community which includes hosted campaigns, player and game finders, and more, for all RPG systems.

Play by Email / Play by Post

Giants in the Playground forums, mainly D&D.

Min Max Boards, for D&D and Pathfinder.

And you can find a wide variety of PBeMs here: List

Finding Players

Find Gamers is a good place to find role-players and wargamers in your area or online.