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Welcome to The Affiliates™

The following industries and organizations have had the misfortune of associating themselves with Zioth Incorporated Limited Industries and Affiliates™ ®. They are known as The Affiliates™, because they are not Zioth Incorporated Limited Industries™, but are still part of Zioth Incorporated Limited Industries and Affiliates™ ®. If you have any need of clarification on this matter, feel free to contact Zioth Support Services™.

The Most Random Page on the Internet™

Moose-Related Substances™plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMoose Page

Looking at this Moose page, you may ask, “what is this infatuation you have with moose?”

I'm not quite sure I can explain it myself. Maybe it's their huge size (male moose grow to 7'6“ at the shoulder and 1000lb). Perhaps it's their agile movements (moose can move very quietly through underbrush, despite their size and mass). Maybe it's those fancy gadgets they carry on top of their heads (moose antlers can measure as much as 6ft from tip to tip, and weigh up to 90lb as a pair). May…

Roleplaying Resources™plugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigRoleplaying Resources

This is a collection of resources I've written or found over the years. While a lot of this is oriented towards D&D, much is applicable to any role-playing game or fantasy world. Anything here that is not credited can be assumed to be copyright
(i.e. Nerd Food)

We suggest you do not follow any of the Links to Non-Affiliates™, seeing as they're not affiliated with Zioth Incorporated Limited Industries and Affiliates™ ®, so we have included a page of such links in protest of their existence.