The Coming of the Zioth

Kreemon Fangly

Kreemon is tall and thin, but not emaciated; he has plenty of muscle underneath his weather-tanned skin. His black hair is long and kept in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. 3 thongs encircle it. The one nearest the neck has a few green beads (that do not rattle) and several owl feathers on the leather thong. His dark green hat usually tilts over his forehead, putting shadow over his green eyes. A narrow goatee keeps his chin warm and covers a scar. Kree pulls or strokes the beard when he is nervous or uptight. Kreemon wears a weatherproof cloak, tunic, breeches, gloves, soft boots and a feathered green hat.

Kreemon used to wears a longbow over one shoulder and a water skin over the other, and he had a pair of archer's gloves. A short sword and dagger hung in scabbards from his belt. he has since abandoned his weapons, and now fights unarmed. As of turn 73, he has taken to wearing a hooded cloak. His hair now hangs loose, and he has shaved his beard. Strangely, the scar on his chin looks like it's fading. Bork is a wolfhound used as a hunting dog. He is dark-gray and big. When he stands on his hind legs, his head is at the same height as Kreemon's. Bork loves Kreemon and will try to protect him or follow orders to the best he can. Bork no longer travels with Kreemon, but he is still seen occasionally . The two never seem to be in the same place at the same time.

Kreemon is eighteen years old, five foot eleven and weighs 154 pounds. He has green eyes, black hair and tanned skin.

Original Description

Kreemon Fangly is tall and thin, but not emaciated; he has plenty of muscle underneath his weather tanned skin. His black hair is long and kept in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. 3 thongs encircle it. The one nearest the neck has a few green beads (that do not rattle) and several owl feathers on the leather thong. His dark green hat usually tilts over his forehead putting shadow over his green eyes. A narrow goatee keeps his chin warm and covers a scar. Kree pulls or strokes the beard when he is nervous or uptight. He is 5'11“ tall and weighs 154 pounds.

Kreemon isn't much to look at, having a the scar on the chin and a few pockmarks on his cheeks. He hasn't learned to put himself forward and present a charismatic figure to others so is hindered in relationships. Many a time he is overlooked or underestimated by others and he hasn't learned to be persuasive nor learned how to lead others. Because of this he is pretty much a loner keeping to himself. He does enjoy the company of small groups but doesn't participate much in the way of conversation unless it is something he is knowledgable about, like tracking. He takes a long time to put his trust in anyone for too many times he has been let down in one way or another. Due to his constant tracking and hunting in the forest near his home he has a better than average constitution, he can resist a good deal of stress and sickness. His willpower, intution and common sense are above average but not as strong as it should be for he lacks skills in judgement and guile, probably because he is a loner and not used to social skills where such are needed.

The young ranger wears a small tatoo of the Symbol of Zahiraplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigZahira

by Diane Hutton and the DM

The Common View

Zahira is seen as a dangerous cult that welcomes the Zioth and embraces death. It is led by mysterious druid-like entities known as “True Zahirans.” There is quite a bit of legend surrounding these druids, such as their ability to appear out of nowhere, or the fact that they all look alike.
on his left bicep, but it is usually covered by his tunic or armor. He is a worshiper of the Summer Aspect of Zahiraplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigZahira

by Diane Hutton and the DM

The Common View

Zahira is seen as a dangerous cult that welcomes the Zioth and embraces death. It is led by mysterious druid-like entities known as “True Zahirans.” There is quite a bit of legend surrounding these druids, such as their ability to appear out of nowhere, or the fact that they all look alike.
, the warrior-hunter.

Kreemon likes to help the 'underdog' and abhors injustice. Not that he has had any power to do anything about it - yet. :) Likes animals and gets along with them very well and they with him even when they are injured they trust him enough to help out if he can.


Appeared in turns 24-55, 57-63, 72-74, 90 and 128-present.

Kreemon was born in late fall to a household of moderate means. His father was a Hunter and his mother an Herbalist, hunting isn't always a lucrative business so gathering, growing and selling herbs brought in extra income. There were 6 other living siblings when Kreemon left home. The first born son, Listor and his wife, 2 other brothers [all 3 at the family home] and 3 sisters, two older and now married and one younger still at home. [Kreemon was next to the last child born, 11 in all] The families home is in a prosperous village called, Hollybrook on the edge of Sunilwood Forest. *[Sunil is Hindi for lotus and Thai for onyx] A small creek runs by the village where Holly trees can be found along its banks. The creek flows down from the Pari Mountains [or foothills]. *[Pari is Persian for fairy and eagle] **I get a lot of my names for people and places from a pb called: Baby Names from Around the World by Maxine Fields ISBN #0-671-72760-5. The meanings help me in place names to put things there, like eagles :)

It is rumored that there are or were faries or forest gnomesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigFey

Having so much diversity in themselves, humans have been known to muddle the stories of other races together, and confuse them until it is easier just to clump them all into the category of “fairy folk.”

The common words used for many in this category,
in Sunilwood Forest but as far as Kreemon nows, he hasn't had any contact with them.

Much of his early childhood was spent helping his mother by cutting wood, tending to the herb gardens, milking the one cow they had which provided milk and cheese for the big family and tending the other animals [chickens and 1 or 2 pigs] (animals payment for herbs when cash nonexistent. Traveling into the forest helping his mother gather wild herbs and plants or going with his father to check traps was the best times for him. He loved being away from the noisy, busy village and the shorter, stronger farm lads, not to mention his noisy bullying siblings. He loved animals and seemed to have a way with them when injured or scared. They trusted him. This ability made him seem strange and he was teased about it. He would sit and observe the forest animals or even those [including the villagers] in the village for hours at a time, learning their habits. From his father he learned to shoot a bow at an early age for it was needed in the winter when the snows brought the wolves down from the mountains.

Kree did have a very good friend in the village who's father was the baker. Jeremy was also picked on to some extent by the village kids as he was plump and not athletic. One of Jeremy's chores was to take fresh baked bread to the local inn everyday. Kree, if he wasn't busy would join him for they would always steal a few moments or even a half hour or two to listen to travelers telling of distant lands, events and tales of daring do. They both loved to hear of daring adventures and distant places and strange professions. A longing grew in their hearts and they pledged to each other to one day venture out on their own to seek a fortune and perhaps fame. They swore a bloodbrother oath on it even going to the extent of cutting their wrists and touching one to the other. Kree did his best to keep others from picking on Jeremy but it wasn't easy and it got him into trouble more often than not.

One day when both lads were 8 years old a drunken brawl broke out in the tavern part of the inn and one big drunk brute was about the smash Kree over the head with a clay pitcher when Jeremy leaped to his defense pushing Kree out of the way. The pitcher hit Jeremy between the eyes and killed him on the spot. Kree only came away with a gash on his chin where he got cut on a broken cup. Kree was heart broken and became even more withdrawn and quiet. Even seeing the man hung by the local Baron didn't help. To take his mind off things his parents bartered with the innkeeper, who was a retired merc, to spend some time training their son in defense and tactics to avoid trouble. The innkeeper, Alyon spent a whole summer teaching the young lad and on the sly even told him a few things about using a sword. He didn't let him use one though as that was forbidden. The only time village men were allowed to use a sword or weapon axe, etc. was when the militia was called up. Usually when a nearby Baron was trying to extend his territory or bandits tried taking over a local village.

The local Baron did one thing different than many others. One month a year one male from each family had to put in service for him. During this time they were given some knowledge of weapon use so that they wouldn't be clumsy in times of war and be more of a hazard to trained troops on the 'good' side.

The following year in the fall when half the village was in the forest gathering fallen nuts and gathering berries Alyon's beloved daughter got lost. This wasn't discovered till dark had set in. Many men and older boys gathered torches and set off looking for her. Kree was told to stay behind as he was too young and would get lost himself. Indignent at this Kree vowed to follow and find the girl himself. He snuck out of the house taking his bow with him. No sense in going unprepared. He took some bread and cheese and tinderbox and a waterskin. As he entered the forest he could hear the bumbling footsteps and crashes of broken branches as the men searched. They caused so much noise it was hard to hear your own breathing. Remembering 'lisa's fondness for blackberries Kree went in the other direction from the searchers. He found a scrap of wool from the girls shawl where she had been picking black walnuts. Searching around he found more traces the men had missed. Following them he finally found her. She had fallen into a small ravine next to Blackberry bushes and twisted her ankle and knocked herself out. Pulling her up to the top he found a hollow log big enough for the two of them. Tearing a piece of his tunic he bound her head and ankle after washing them clean with water. Soon she came to. At first she was freightened at the dark but when Kree built a small fire and cracked some of the nuts he'd picked up on the way she perked up. While she ate he found a branch to use as a crutch. Meantime the other villagers had given up and they went back to the village and would continue the search in the morning, at least some of them would, the others had their farms and business to attend to. Most had dispersed from the front of the inn but those still there were astonished to see Kreemon and 'lisa come slowly walking into town.

Alyon was pleased, as were thoses who were going to go searching the next day, but some were not. They didn't appreciate being showed up by a kid and naturally their additude was taken up by their offspring. Kreemon tried to spend as little time in the village as possible after that. He took his fury out on deadwood knarls and knots. This gave him strength and dexterity for if you hit wrong the knots would fly up and give a nasty bump and bruise. Alyon, unbeknownst to Kreemon, reported the lads abilities to the Baron. Boys with such skills could always be useful when they grew to manhood. Better to have someone loyal than have to trust a hired mercanary.

The long winter months were spent mostly indoors unless traps had to be checked and it was at this time Kree learned to read and write. For without that skill he couldn't help his mother label the herbs and plants she placed in jars and packets for sale. She had learned that skill from her father who had been a scribe. One winter when Kree was 12 and as tall as his older brothers, the call came out from the Baron for the annual pledge for battle training. Kreemon's father was away and his mother was helping at a laying-in and his eldest brother Lister was in charge. Lister hated going for the pledge for he had done it 3 times already and winters were the worst. In a fit of pique he ordered Kreemon to go. One sister spoke up to protest but was slugged into silence. “He's tall as I and can shoot a bow well. No one will know the difference if he keeps his yap shut!” So, off Kree went to the Baron's castle with the other villagers. Each was tested as to their skills and remembering what had been taught the previous year. At first Kree was put with the spear men but it was just too inept and tripped up too many of the regular guards. Then he was put to work learning sword work. Having spent years with an axe chopping wood helped here and even the little bit he had learned from Alyon helped keep the regular guard jibs and curses to a minimum. He was picked on a lot though by practical jokers for his silence and keeping to himself. When the Baron came back from capturing a small raiding party into his lands he came back with some semi-wild horses too. Great was the excitement when their training began. One horse, a black with a white blaze was very nasty. No one could stay on him and several time he had tried to kill those lurking on the fence, one of which was the Baron's only son. When the order to kill the son 'o b…was ordered, Kreemon, much to his own surprise when he later thought about it, intervened and said he could handle the horse. The horse just needed a friend. Much laughter and derision arose from that statement but something about this young lad keep the Baron from ordering Kree whipped for insubordination. With permission granted, everyone watched as the boy, supposedly a man, carefully and slowly approached the horse talking in murmurs. To make a long story short, the horse accepted Kree and submitted to gentle training. The training went so well, with a real horsemans instructions, that even a child could have ridden the proud stallion. Baron Wently kept watch and was pleased, he made mental note to keep furthur notice of this lad. When asked why he hadn't shown up for training before Kree had to admit the truth that he was only 12 and had gotten his growth spurt this last fall and with his father away his older brother had ordered him to come. Baron Wently was not pleased with Lister's shurking of his duty and when Kree went home Lister was ordered to serve a whole year, after he was flogged 20 lashes.

When Kree was 13 his talent with the bow got him out of his fathers profession and into Ranger training. This is how that happened: Baron Wently was entertaining and had a hunt held. Kree's father, one older brother and Kree had to scout out where the best game was before hand and then were to stay in certain parts of the forest to 'direct' the party in the correct direction if they came that way. When the hunters came galloping near Kree they brought down a humongously large feral boar.

Wently got down to take a look with several other riders when they thought it was dead. Kree stood by and saw to his horror that the boar had a mate and she was very angry and charging the group on foot. Two had the prescence of mind to have their spears with them and threw but it didn't stop her one bit. Just before it reached the Baron two arrows right through the eyes dropped it at the Baron's feet. Those arrows were from Kreemon. As reward for saving his life and not wanting this young lads various talents to go to waste takes him under his wing, so to speak. The next week, after the guests have left and a long interrogation as to what Kreemon knows it is decided to train him as a ranger. No way was Kreemon going to turn that down! Some of his family were proud of him but most and the villagers thought he was stepping out of his place in society and made it hard on him when he returned for infrequent visits so after a while he didn't go back. At the castle, it was difficult there too for none of the warriors were from recent peasant stock. Kreemon did make a friend of squires and that provided him some protection. Things went relatively fine till he had just turned 18 when the barony was attacked. Baron Wently was killed as was most of his family and the regular soldiers and villagers. Kreemon managed to survive because of his skill with his bow. When the fighting was over Baron Wently's son, Velhelm became the new Baron. Velhelm wasn't anything like his father and dismissed the peasant army, keeping all the weapons. He dismissed many of those surviving warriors including Kreemon, and brought in his own hired mercanaries and cronies from the capitol. Kreemon wasn't all that unhappy about it for he had never really liked the guy and since his friend the squire was made a knight during the battle and had decided to return to his own homeland it was best to leave the area himself. Kreemon wished Sir Edon the best and set out on his own adventure heading into the forest and beyond taking withhim what was leftover from his dismissal pay after buying equipment for the journey. Since his armour and weapons were his own, having won or earned them or given them by the old baron he got to take them with him. So off he went enjoying his new found freedom, the countryside and peace.

Location of Kreemon's home:

The barony of Elgony, currently ruled by Baron Velhelm, is northwest from Huerten. Kreemon went to Huerten right after the big battle, and it took three weeks.


Kreemon doesn't say much, just nods or shakes his head at the appropriate time. (note to Darrell: this part has not proven true in the turns, so feel free to ignore it).