The Coming of the Zioth

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Ziedon stands a little under six feet tall and is relatively thin. He has a neatly trimmed black beard and mustache which stand out considerably against his pale skin. His hazel eyes seem to see everything around him. Ziedon's white hair is cut short in the traditional townsman's style. Ziedon's garb is of a well-to-do townsman. He normally wears a thin, off-white shirt with eleven pairs of wooden knobs and strings in the front with a brown and green band of cloth was laid across his shoulders and clasped in the front of his neck. The front of the band of cloth is laced with gold and silver trimmings, and the clasp appears to be solid gold. Over the top of all that is a brown and tan vest with a folded lapel, and a winter overcoat made from two different- exotic colored animal skins. His trousers are a dark brown which reach a few inches below his knees. An elaborately braided two-part leather belt is clasped about his waist in the front and back. Continuing downward is a pair of black shoes, laced with eight separate pieces of rope, and which end in a raised point.

Ziedon is twenty one years old, five foot eleven and 160 pounds.


Appears in turns 1-10, 14-37, 53, and 101-127 and 133-present.

Ziedon is the “Evil Sorcerer” of Maelbourgplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMaelbourg

[This map is obviously missing a lot. There aren't huge open spaces in Maelbourg.]

Maelbourg is a walled town in the Barony of Huerten, with a population of approximately six thousand. Its primary exports are textiles, wool and coal, the last of which it acquires from deposits in the nearby hills. The land on which the town sits was added to maelbourg index

Ziedon has always been interested by death, his father was the town's bone-setter. Ziedon watched in awe as his father dealt with the sick and afflicted and in extreme cases with the dead. Ziedon was always on the look-out for interesting things, so when news of the Traveller reached him, he quickly rushed to see for himself. Staying at the Inn was a man dressed entirely in Black. He carried an Ivory-like Staff (that Ziedon was to learn later was carved from a Giant's Leg bone) and others avoided him whenever possible. Ziedon was transfixed by this person. The robed figure saw Ziedon watching him and saw the kernel of magic that Ziedon had within him. He beckoned Ziedon forward and placed his bone-like hands on Ziedon's head. The figure asked Ziedon if he wished to learn the ways of the dead. Ziedon almost fainted with excitement. Ziedon led the Robed Figure (Moutelle) to his father and shortly afterwards began his apprenticeship. Ziedon now has finished his apprenticeship and has gone out to gain experience of the world. He still keeps in contact with Moutelle, though he doesn't like to ask favors of the now old man, he wants to become powerful to please the man before Death's hands come for Moutelle.

Ziedon was born in a small village called Westearth. He was just like the other villager boys except Ziedon seemed to learn life's lessions after one experience. An example would be the time that the boys broke into Hult the Brewmaster's storage and got entirely drunk on the Brewmaster's dark ale.. Ziedon and the rest of the boys then wandered through the village, strutting and stumbling like they were adult men. After they were seen and their parents got ahold of them, Ziedon learned the benefits of subtlty and knowing ones limits. In the future, he would still break into Hult's storage, but he would only have a few drinks to slake his thirst and prove himself and then calmly walk back home. Most of his friends never learned that lesson and so every few months they would find themselves tied to the post and on the receiving end of the lash.

Ziedon also enjoyed watching his father at work. His father, a learned and lettered man, served as the town Bone-Setter, or Healer. He did not use any mystical or religious means to heal his patients, only those methods that he had learned from the College of Josdar. His father had settled in the village years ago and took a young villager woman to wife. His knowledge and expertise made him quite popular amoung the vilagers and he did well for a man of science. Ziedon was able to watch amputations, stiches, wounds, and more blood than it would seem possible for a body to contain. Perhaps this somewhat jaded upbringing is what sparked his interest in the Dark Arts. Ziedon learned to read at his father's knee and learned the Ancient Dead Language of learned Scholars. Ziedon showed a flair for learning and never forgot a lession. He was soon helping his father with his practice. It was that autumn day when the Black Master came to town when Ziedon's life changed. Once taken as an apprentice, Ziedon learned that there was more than just life and death. He learned of the Undeath, or the realm that lay inbetween life and death. He learned how to tap this realm with magics taught to him by his great Master.

Ziedon learned about the world of the Undead and how to summon them. He learned about the spirits and the distinctions inbetween the two. Finally his Master gave him his cloak of Black and told him that his apprenticeship was over. He was now a Necromancer. Ziedon stayed with his previous master then for a few extra years. Ziedon helped train the next apprentice and in turn continued to have long discussions with his former master. Eventually Ziedon felt the strings of adventure pulling at him. Taking his small spellbook and his few items, he left the tower in which he had spent the last few years of his life and ventured out to seek experience and the wealth of knowledge.


Stays in middle of group when traveling, avoids combat, uses quarterstaff as walking stick in right hand.

Ziedon's fantasyplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigHathron

This is an email thread from 2006, where Alex played out a fake scenario over email, just for fun.

4/24/06 From Ziedon (DM's post written by Ziedon):

" Hathron's body slumped to the ground with Ziedon's dagger still stuck in his back but it was already too late. Hathron had completed the summoning. The stench of sulfur permeated the room as a dark presence filled the pentagram.
– A fun hoax thread from 2006.