The Coming of the Zioth


When the party traveled to the year 577, they found themselves in Malaener, the Morenthianplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMorenth

Morenth's theology revolves around the simple idea that the entire universe belongs to him, and humanity is barely worthy to bask in his radiant presence. Those who refuse to acknowledge this simple, self-evident fact heretics, and deserve punishment or death. There is no repentance for heretics
-dominated region which includes Maelbourgplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigMaelbourg

[This map is obviously missing a lot. There aren't huge open spaces in Maelbourg.]

Maelbourg is a walled town in the Barony of Huerten, with a population of approximately six thousand. Its primary exports are textiles, wool and coal, the last of which it acquires from deposits in the nearby hills. The land on which the town sits was added to maelbourg index