The Coming of the Zioth

The Shirahjat Coalition

Tchu'dan is the largest and most prominent city in The Shirahjat Coalition, a loose alliance of desert city-states, which was formed primarily for trade purposes (an attitude which has resulted in a very business-oriented outlook on the part of the upper crust of city society) many generations gone. The city is administrated by a group of men, called the Faaruk Council, the most senior member of which is known as “The Faaruk”…

The region, Tchu'dan in particular, is known for its cut-throat politics and power hungry leaders.

The people of the region worship a pantheon of gods, of whom Ay'wahplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThe Pantheon of Ay'wah

The Pantheon is the dominant religion in the city-states of the Shirahjat Coalition, but little is known about this religion in Rang.

The Pantheon

Ay'wah, the sun god 28.

Bal'jan, a god having something to do with luck28.
, the sun god, is the greatest.