The Coming of the Zioth


Magic is a legend. You'll rarely find anyone who's seen anything you'd call “magical,” and most of those are crazy or deluded. Aerv is a lot like Medieval Earth, and Rangplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigThe Kingdom of Rang


Rang is a huge kingdom, covering more than a million square miles, and extending from the Great Sea to the Ice Sea. It dominates the area politically, militarily and religiously. Rang is a monarchy, led by King Diure LXIV, but its immense size weakens the central government. Most feudal lords manage their lands independently, and only answer to the king in the loosest sense. The king does have several pockets of power, such as in Huerten, which allow him to maintai…
is a lot like Medieval Germany. People live in feudal fiefs and bourgeois-controlled towns. They've heard stories of elves and dwarvesplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigDwarves

Dwarves are short, stocky people, growing to a height of only two or three feet, who concern themselves primarily with hard, sober work, like mining and metalworking. They are said to be immortal, or at least to live for hundreds of years. The dwarves keep their distance from humans; they are suspicious of foreigners. They live in mountains and hills, always underground, where they carve tunnels and caves in which to live and work. Only rulers, miners and artisans are ever mentioned in …
and wizards, and they just might believe the stories, or at least be wary of unknown forces when walking alone at night, but they've never seen anything for sure.


This poses an interesting situation for mages and wizards. The slightest of magical effects will be entirely new and unexpected to the average person. The average person is likely to fear a wizard, and might even think him some messenger of evil. In any case, the town will soon know of the wizard's presence, and whether they burn him, chase him out, or ask him for help, something is likely to happen.


Priests also have unusual situations to deal with. People generally trust their clergy, but that does not mean they won't be surprised when their clergy makes a public display of power. That is not too great a fear, however, since very few priests have been known to use any magic at all, so it is likely they have no magical powers. Most religions do not possess magic, do not know about magic, or explicitly forbid the use of magic.