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The original author is unknown. This was reformatted and editted by me.

How Much Money can a Container Hold?

How many coins can realistically fit into a container?

All coins described here are 3/4“ by 1/12”

Coin Weight

Coin lb/coin Coins/lb
Platinum .03 33
Gold .02 50
Electrum .0175 57
Silver .015 67
Copper .01 100

Container Capacities

All values are approximations for silver coins. Weight capacities are based on the DMG. The Max Coins collumn is the maximum based on weight.

Container Stacked Loose Max Wt Max Coins Dimentions
Small chest 70000 65000 40lb 2500 2'x1'x1'
Large chest 440000 380000 100lb 6500 3'x2'x2'
Small basket 35000 30000 10lb 650 1'x1'x1'
Large Basket 280000 250000 20lb 1250 2'x2'x2'
Backpack N/A 180000 50lb 3200 3'x2'x1'
Sm. beltpouch N/A 1000 5lb 320 4“x6”x2“
Lg. beltpouch N/A 1500 8lb 500 6”x8“x2”
Small sack N/A 20000 15lb 950 1'x1'x8“
Large sack N/A 130000 30lb 1900 2'x2'x1'
Sm. saddlebag N/A 16500 20lb 1250 1'x1'x6”
Lg. saddlebag N/A 25000 30lb 1900 18“x1'x6”
Small barrel 55000 50000 150lb 9500 2'x1'
Large barrel 110000 100000 500lb 32000 4'x2'
Iron pot 4500 4000 60lb 4000 6“x8”

Just to show you how unrealistic a container packed with coins is, some simple math shows that a large chest full of stacked coins would weigh 8800lb. Such a container could never be lifted without breaking, and would probably break long before anyone tried to lift it.

Most of the containers above are made out of wood, with metal supports. An iron chest would hold signifigantly more than a wooden one, but the chest itself would add a huge amount to the overall weight.

Most of the above containers are not built to carry coins. In order to reach the max weight capacity, it is necesarry to properly distribute weight.