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Charging-Related Feats

Swerving Charge

During a charge, the attacker may make two turns of up to 45 degrees, or one turn of up to 90 degrees. He also may swerve gently, moving five feet along either side of the straight line path.

Prereq: Acrobatic Charge

Passing Charge

A charging attacker make make his attack in the middle of a charge instead of at the end.

Prereq: Spring Attack

Combat Charge

With this feat, a charging attacker may attack enemies he passes on his way to the final target, up to the number of attacks he would make on a full-attack action. No more than one attack can be made per opponent, and all attacks except the final one are made at the full attack bonus with a -5 penalty. The final target is attacked at the full bonus. The normal benefits of a charge, including the effects of the Springing Lunge feat, are only applied to the final target.

Prereq: Passing Charge, Swerving Charge, Acrobatic Charge, Combat Reflexes

Justification: This is similar to Whirlwind Attack, but it's useful more often, affects fewer targets, and incurs a -2 AC penalty due to the charge. Much like Whirlwind Attack, it can only be taken by high- level characters due to its long feat chain.