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From Raymond Q Starrborough (, 26 Aug 1999 on

Darkbolt (2E)

Darkbolt* (Necromancy 3?)
Range 30 yd + 10 yd/lvl
Area of effect One creature
Duration Instantaneous
Components VSM
Casting time 3
Save Special

This spell summons a bolt of raw energy directly from the Negative Material Plane which speeds unerringly to one creature, doing d6/level (max 12d6) damage, save for half, to living creatures.

The reverse of this spell, _lifebolt_, summons a bolt formed of the Positive Material Plane. If target living creature fails its save, it fails to absorb any of this raw energy and is shocked and stunned by the impact for d4 rounds + 1 rd/2 caster levels (max +6), taking 1/level damage (max 12). On a successful save it absorbs part of the energy, healing d4/lvl points of damage (to a max of 12d4 or in any case the maximum hit points of the creature) – but is still stunned for 1 round.

Darkbolt and lifebolt have opposite effects when cast on the undead.

The material components are a tiny rod of ebony or black onyx (darkbolt) or of platinum or ivory (lifebolt), in any case worth at least 25 gp.


From Matt Devney, 27 Aug 1999. Darkbolt should be lebel 4, and healing should be d8+level